The most common question is why should I change from what I have now, especially because my internet is spotty, as it is?  The answer is actually pretty simple, VoIP solutions are less expensive and those cost savings can be immediately applied to upgrading you network infrastructure to increase speed and reliability of your “spotty” internet, usually without upfront costs.    A standard 48 month $1 buyout lease is going to be less than your current analog costs an average office is under $150 a month, compared to $200 for analog costs.  This lease would include new hardware, an upgraded router and switches where needed, installation, monthly SIP services and training.

     The second answer is flexibility. Today’s clients and consumers are diverse and want to shop and communicated differently.  Not all business is done with a phone call, VoIP solutions allow for website integrations so that clients can chat or call directly from your website.  Some people prefer texting your business, are you able to respond to these in a timely manner, if not that is a lost opportunity.  Was your business ready for remote working?  VoIP allows for seamless transitions onsite, on the go or at home.  Don’t be limited to 1 on 1 conversations, multi person conferences are just as easy and you have all the tools you need with most VoIP solutions at no additional costs.

     So really the only question should be what has stopped you from switching.  As technology changes so does ease of use and costs.  Systems can be setup in hours not weeks, and devices can be customized to your comfort levels and work flows.  VoIP Asheville is willing to show you not tell you, let us setup a demo in your environment, and see what we can do for you.  www.VoIPAsheville.com/appointments. We want to learn about your bunsiness.