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All the features in the world won’t benefit your business if you don’t know how to use them.  VoIP Asheville strives to customize every solution and show you the “how” and “the why” of each feature.  Scroll through the videos below to see what is available and ask one of our team members how to use these features can help your business grow.

3CX V18 What To Expect in Coming Releases

In this video, Nick Galea, CTO and Founder of 3CX, takes us through the new features and improvements in 3CX V18.

VoIP Asheville User Training for Enterprise IFax Pro

In this video, VoIP Asheville shows users how to send a fax in Enterprise IFax Pro.

Grandstream gsc3510 - sip intercom speaker

The GSC3510 is a SIP intercom speaker and microphone that allows offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and more to build powerful voice intercom solutions that expand security and communication.

3CX Call Reporting

Reports can Scheduled monthly, weekly, or biweekly

Agent Performance Reports
– User Activity Graph’ helps to show the progress and activity or the extension so that the manager can identify the busiest period of the day, month, and year. 

– Ring Group Statistics 

– Extension statistic report:

V18 Voicemail Training

3CX’s voicemail functionality allows users to configure their own greetings and also set a different greeting according to their status. This module shows you how to do just that and more. In more detail:

  • Notifications

  • Greetings

  • Transcription

  • Quota

  • Security

  • Backups

V18 Call Queue and Call Manager

3CX’s Call Queues are a business must.  keeping oyur clients informed with Custom Hold messages, position in the Queue as well as options for call backs are just some of the features available in 3cx Profeatures.


3CX V18 Desktop App

3CX’s Desktop Give You full Control in a Side Window Without Need of Broswer Extension.

V18 Digital Receptionist

What is a Digital Receptionist and how to configure them? Continue watching on how to set it up and all the additional options. In detail:

7.1 What are Digital Receptionists

7.2 Creating a Digital Receptionist

7.3 Menu Options

7.4 Direct Dial

7.5 No or Invalid User Input

7.6 HOL Digital Receptionist

3cx V18 Call Recordings

This module covers the Call Recording functionality in 3CX. This includes the different options as well as the location of the recordings, sizing and quota. In more detail:

3.1 Enabling/Disabling Recordings (Admin)

3.2 File Location

3.3 Format / Compression

3.4 Quota

3.5 Backup Tips

Time Based Scheduling

This module covers the global PBX office hours, specifically for the Inbound Rules and Extension profiles, as well as the configuration of holidays. These times can also be used to automate the routing of calls in the PBX based on the preconfigured times. In more detail:

  • Concept of Office Hours
  • Automate Routing Destinations for Inbound Rules
  • Automate Routing Destinations for Extensions
  • Handling of Holidays

V18 Profiles and Forwarding Rules

This module covers the PBX forwarding rules and how unanswered calls to an extension are handled. In more detail:

  • Explanation of User Profiles

  • Profile Switching

  • Call Flows

  • Per Profile Voicemail Greetings

  • Forwarding Rule Options

  • Exceptions

WebRTC Click to call

With the click-to-call feature offered by 3CX Phone System 12.5, website visitors can make a free voice or video call directly to a business through the internet browser, without the need to download any additional software. When a visitor clicks on the embedded call button, a VoIP call is initiated via 3CX Phone System directly to the business. With 3CX’s click-to-call function, businesses can also elevate a call to offer screen sharing so customers can be shown new products or offered assistance, thereby providing a personalised customer service experience.

3CX Security and Fraud Features

Wherever possible, your 3CX should be locked down. Some areas to consider are:

  • Start by implementing VoIP security during the design stage
  • Ensure a suitable firewall is in place and configured correctly. Read more on our firewall config guide
  • Implement OAuth flows for best practice security
  • Choose strong and unique passwords for IP phones, admin interface and web clients
  • Segregate voice and data networks where possible and reduce exposure to non-trusted networks
  • Make use of an intrusion detection system
  • Monitor network usage
  • Harden the OS and keep it up to date
  • Keep your phone firmware up to date
  • Use the 3CX Global Blacklist

Backup and Restore Features

In this module, we explain how to backup 3CX, what’s included in the backup file as well as how to restore it.

2.1 Usage

2.2 Options

2.3 Tips

2.4 Recordings

2.5 Scheduling

2.6 Using Command Line

2.7 Host and User Data

Installing 3cx Apps

The 3CX App can be installed on 4 different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Web). Throughout this module, we will cover some of the app’s core features as well as configuration and provisioning. In more detail:

  • The 3CX App – an introduction

  • Operating Systems & Platforms

  • Provisioning

  • QR Code Provisioning

  • PUSH Functionality

Creating a Confrence Call

In this video I show you how to create a conference in 3cx Version 15. 3CX Version 15 Conference uses the 3CX Web Client. Creating the 3cx conference bridge is easy

3CX Webmeeting Made Easy

Hold face to face meetings at the click of the button! How? By using 3CX WebMeeting which is WebRTC based and eliminates the use of clients. 3CX WebMeeting, is an easy-to-use web conferencing solution, that transforms the way you communicate and collaborate within your company and with customers.

The Basics of the 3CX Webclient

3CX web client’s core functionality. What are the benefits to using the web client as well as some key features.
– Accessing the web client
– Telephony functionality
– Status and switchboard views
– Chat

3CX Voicemail Basics

This module will explain how to configure your voicemail greetings according to your status as well as some more advanced voicemail settings. In more detail:

7.1 Notifications
7.2 Greetings
7.3 Transcription
7.4 Quota
7.5 Security
7.6 Backups

Using Dial Codes with 3CX Phone System

Using Dial Codes in 3CX Phone System to Transfer directly to Voice Mail, log in and out of Queues or Pick up Calls.

Integrating Chat features into your Website

In this video, Product Manager Nick Borg, takes us through the new chat features added to 3CX , incorporate

Steps to integrate 3CX with Salesforce.

In this short video we take you through the steps required to integrate 3CX with Salesforce. CRM integration with 3CX enables you to launch calls with a single click directly from your applications, as well as linking incoming calls to customer records within your CRM package. This kind of functionality is a great time saver, and allows you to continue to focus on work, rather than simple administration.

V18 Video Conferencing with Chris

In this short video Watch  Chris present an overview of setting up meetings and discovers some of the various features of 3CX Video Conferencing.

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