Using Cloud Services to Afford the Latest Technologies.

Many Businesses are struggling with the move forward to Cloud Technology, for some it is the understanding of what the cloud is, how the cloud will help their business or the cost to migrate to cloud services.  Let VoIP Asheville guide you, starting with cloud servers are actually physical servers located remotely.  Our primary servers are located in an enterprise level data house with connect speeds above 3 Gigabits per second.  These fast secure connections with blazing speeds allow businesses to connect and communicate anywhere with 3cx apps for iphone, android and windows.  Advanced call center features like call queues, call recording and comprehensive reporting are now cost effective and available to every business owner.  VoIP Asheville also offers SD WAN “always on” connections for your mission critical programs.  Securely and quickly access these programs without having to maintain private servers and employee IT staffs.

So how can the average business afford these latest technologies?  Look at your current phone bills, ATT, Spectrum Business or Morris Broadband.  Whether you are on an antiquated analog system, or a hybrid solution, your current phone costs on these bills goes away and can be used to pay your $1 buyout lease.  With a standard installation at $135 a month, most business find they are saving money while implementing technology.